This program focus on the role community colleges play in higher education and how to take advantages of these programs. The guest will be: Dr. Maria Nieto Senour Community College Trustee, Dr. Lyn Neault Vice chancellor of Student Services, and Ava Sakhrbodi, student trustee. The guest will discuss their back ground and how they were influenced to become active in the community college system. Is their an advantage to attending a community college? There is also a conversation about their ethnic back ground and how influenced their education.

1 Maria Nieto Senior- talks about her background and how she achieved her education. She speak about the advantages of attendig community colleges.
2 Dr. Neault will explain the programs and services available to students. Using the commuity college as a career pathway
3 Ava Sakhrbodi will talk about her role as a student trustee . Her role in the community as well as on the college board
4 Promise a program that assures every student from SD Unified School District can atten a community college for free.