This episode has it all! From heart wrenching to mind blowing. We hope to empower women who want to become mothers, who are planning, trying, or struggling with the process as well as support those who have decided they are surrendering to what is. Danielle Baldwin is a radiant soul who’s had to redefine herself after being unable to have children. Her triumphant story has her here healing through sharing and ready to support anyone in need of someone to talk to. This hour, we talk about internal dialogues, shame, and the struggles most people aren’t talking about when it comes to becoming a mother.

Danielle also expands on a lot of information that she has gathered and wants to share with the world! What to look for, what to consider, and most importantly you are not alone!

Danielle Baldwin is a literary fiction fanatic, fitted sheet folding flunky, die-hard dog person, in addition to being a writer, editor, and strategist.
She is passionate about the craft of memoir and supporting people in telling their stories. Find more of her work at or follow her at @_dbbaldwin