Hegemonic masculinity is destroying men’s lives, families, relationships, businesses, communities, and countries. This is the idea that there is one way to be a man. On this episode of BraveHeart Radio, host Pete Saunders talks with Randy Flood, psychotherapist and author, about the pathology of masculinity and healing the malaise of American manhood. By the end of this show you will understand what mascupathy is and how to prevent it. You will also gain insight on how to be a man of the 21st Century.

Randy Flood, MA, LLP, is out to transform the world, one man at a time. He co-founded and leads The Institute for the Prevention and Treatment of Mascupathy (IPTM), which provides education, intervention, and advocacy for the prevention and treatment of mascupathy – a pathology of masculinity which emanates from injurious male socialization. Randy is also the co-founder of the Men’s Resource Center of West Michigan. He runs Altogether Boys, a prevention program that provides mentoring and socialization resources to middle school boys to help them understand the work of masculinities and becoming men.

Randy is the co-author of Mascupathy: Understanding and Healing the Malaise of American Manhood (May 2014), Stop Hurting the Woman You Love: Breaking the Cycle of Abusive Behavior (Hazelden, 2006), one of the field’s leading anger management books for men, and a contributing author in Rob Okun’s new book Voice Male: The Untold Story of the Pro-feminist Men’s Movement (Interlink, 2014). He has frequently appeared on local and regional broadcast programs and is often interviewed as an expert on male criminal behavior and on initiatives and issues that impact men and boys.

Learn more about Randy and his work at http://www.mascupathy.org and http://menscenter.org. You can also call him on 616-954-9394.

1 The Pathology of Masculinity
2 It's All an Act - Performing Masculinity
3 Altogether Boys - Becoming Men
4 The 21st Century Man