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Today’s Prfect Pitch guest is Melissa Keklak, Owner of MMKpr. Melissa is a highly recognized and unrivaled PR and social media professional with over ten years of publicity experience across music, fashion, entertainment/celebrity and sports. A native of East Stroudsburg, PA, a sporadic move to Los Angeles ultimately equipped her with the impressively varied skill set that she now utilizes daily at MMKpr. Initially, Keklak began her professional career as the SR. Manager of Public Relations for Casio America, Inc. and was in charge of public relations across all divisions.

In this episode, Nicole and Melissa discuss tips and tricks for a successful red carpet, ¬†how to establish good media relationships and taking risks that payoff. ¬†Please join us as these two amazing ladies share their thoughts and insights about today’s evolving PR industry.

Melissa shares how she got started in PR and gives us tips for surviving the red carpet
Melissa explains the advantages of being a choosy agency owner
We tackle how to have tough conversations with the client and how to build and maintain amazing media relationships
Melissa closes our show with what advantages come with taking calculated risks.