1st Half – Originally from New Hampshire, Adam Wade is an 18-time Winner of The Moth Story SLAM. He’s been featured in the New York Times, New York Magazine, Village Voice, and Time out New York. A frequent guest of NPR, you can find him teaching his craft to eager students at the Magnet Theater.
Oh! And he loves his landlady, Marie. He even made a Tumblr. SundaysWithMarie. tumblr. Com.

2nd Half – Nick Kanellis is an Iowa native who now lives in New York. He’s an actor, teacher, improviser, motion capture professional, and puppet- master. When he’s not teaching improv at the Magnet Theater, you can find him at Story Pirates.
You can catch him every Saturday night at the Magnet Theater performing in ‘Trike’ with Peter McNerney.

1 Big Dreams in the Big Apple
Storyteller and comedian Adam Wade shares his journey of crash-landing in New York City.
2 Never Walk Alone
Adam shares what led to his rise to success -- and the unexpected benefits of just making friends.
3 Building Your Reality
Laura is joined by improviser Nick Kanellis, who provides his how-to's for excelling at your artistic craft
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