#DailyDialoguewithDoris had one of their most outstanding shows to date! We were honored to have in studio the new CEO of the #ElectionIntegrityProjectCalifornia, renown speaker, business and political consultant, #MalcolmMcGough!
We had been very fortunate to hear Malcolm speak a few
months ago at the #VIPVolunteersInPolitics meeting and just knew in our hearts that we wanted to invite him to speak on our show…Never expecting we would get him, but we did and are thrilled!!! Although CEO McGough is Australian by birth, Malcolm has a deep Christian love for the United States!!! He talks about those feelings on this interview…Also he talks about his new position with
the Election Integrity Project and what he hopes to do about voter fraud in the great state of California…
We also had another special guest who  graced #wsRadio studios and that was Reverend #LennaCookeCarpentier. Reverend Lenna is the Head Minister of the #CookeFamilyMinistry and serves in the Well Church in Santee, California. The good reverend has also been a guest on Daily Dialogue with Doris show and is soon to have regular segments as a spiritual advisor to our show! We feel so “blessed” over this new addition to the show…So keep your eyes on the future shows to come!!!

God bless President Trump and God bless America!!!

1 Host Doris Rivas-Brekke introduces CEO Malcolm McGough & Reverend Lenna Cooke-Carpentier
2 Doris, CEO McGough & Reverend Lenna
3 Doris, Malcolm and Reverend Lenna
4 Doris, Malcolm & Reverend Lenna