1 Utility Poles See New Changes
Peggy Smedley exclaims that utility poles are due for a major connected upgrade and suggests that equipping them with sensors and predictive technology will lead to more integration with the smart grid. She predicts they will become part of the grids themselves to support communication and energy services for a variety of areas.
2 Legislation of Grid Growth
Shay Bahramirad, vice president of new initiatives, IEEE, and director of distribution system planning, smart grid, and innovation, ComEd, explains how regulations and legislation have allowed many different parties to contribute to the growth of smart-grid modernization. She says legacy equipment must be able to reach a higher level of smarter energy to hold up against aging infrastructure as well as natural disasters.
3 The “I” in IoT
Riccardo Di Blasio, CEO, Globetouch, talks about addressing needs of connectivity on a global scale and says that more devices and equipment are requiring the IoT that previously did not need it. He says creating a network of IoT connectivity across the world will better service major corporations within manufacturing and transportation.
4 Beaming with Innovation
Brian Deutsch, CEO, Pivotal Commware, breaks down the concept of holographic beamforming and how it can create better communication portals for radio energy. He says disruptive technologies such as this will offer an array of new possibilities within the telecom industry.