01 IoT in Smart Cities
Peggy talks about how smart cities use better resources, explaining they are more accessible and convenient for citizens and visitors, as well as more economically competitive. She says one of the latest research studies shows that roughly half of government officials say the IoT (Internet of Things) will provide value.
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02 Commercialize AI and Machine Learning
Ole Mengshoel, principal systems scientist, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, CMU, Silicon Valley, says the development of artificial intelligence has been going on at universities for a while, but it is only recently that there is more commercial interest. He explains the improvement in hardware and improvement of algorithms are driving commercialization.
03 Detecting Fraud in Mobile
Padraig Stapleton, vice president of engineering, Argyle Data, says the telecom and mobile industry creates vast amounts of data on a daily basis. Enter machine learning, he says it steps in and looks at the data in any form you want to deploy it in. He explains the work it is doing with Carnegie Mellon University is to detect fraud in the mobile industry.
04 Vision for Agriculture
Peggy talks about the future of agriculture, and says a wearable device can detect fatigue and stress of farmers to recognize when they are overworked. She says this is just the beginning, and in the future, everything will become connected, with a data point harvested on a crop being leveraged much later, but the industry needs to come together to make this vision a reality and to help to leverage our youth to understand the Internet of Things.