Daily Dialogue with Doris Rivas-Brekke is calling our October 25th “Your Home and Your Security Should Go Hand in Hand!” First, we welcome back a very good “Friend of Daily Dialogue with Doris”,Julie Laughton, founder of Julie Laughton Design Build, one of the premier custom home building and remodeling companies based in Laguna Beach, California.
Julie’s motto is “It all starts with a good plan” and we will
be learning more about her company and what her company is up to these days…
We are also excited to welcome Jeff Pitt, founder of SRST, which stands for Self Reliance Security Training. His company is all about sharing knowledge to individuals and families and what they should know in cases of emergency or violent crimes…Your home is your castle, but the home needs to be safe too…
So those are some subjects we will be discussing tonight!!
This show will definitely be worth your time to listen…

This show is proudly sponsored by Fantastic Sams’ “6”salons in San Diego,California: “Downtown” El Cajon, Santee,and Napa St in San Diego. And now 3 more new locations;
Rancho San Diego, San Carlos & Campus Plaza, near San Diego State University  and the “Friends of Daily Dialogue with Doris”; Julie
Laughton Design Build and Cat Fages of Zero Bark 30®and Cat Walks Dog!
God bless America!

1 Host Doris Rivas-Brekke monolog, Guests Julie Laughton of Julie Laughton Design Build, Jeff Pitt & Mike Guzman of SRST
2 Doris, Julie, Jeff and Mike
3 Doris, Julie, Jeff and Mike
4 Doris and new segment called "Angels on Earth" and Jeff and Mike