There are three guest, Augie Bareno, Denise Romero, and author Fernando Romero. Mr. Romero is the author of the book THE COLOR OF EDEN. Fernando will be remembered as working for the series of articles he did about the crime in Tijuana. In this book his journey to his success is told by Fernando himself. The first nine years of his life were what would be considered “normal” middle class in Tijuana. When his parents divorced , and fearing that his mother will take him away his father takes him to live with an aunt in Mexico City. Living with his abuse aunt is one of the most emotional part of his story. His aunt would bite his finger to the bone for whatever reason was wrong doing, Fearing she would kill him he runs away and tries to find his way back to Tijuana. His journey as an 11/12 year old boy shows the best and worst of humanity, At the young age of 12 he is put in a mans prison where he is raped and almost left for dead. His uncle finally comes and finds him and they return to Tijuana. His father remarries and once again Fernando is thrown out this time to the streets of Tijuana. While living on the street of Tijuana and still a very young boy he learns to play the drums and is soon working in some of the worst clubs of Tijuana. This was in the days when young people from San Diego flocked to dance and drink in the various clubs. He meets his future wife in one of these clubs. After they marry they continue living in Tijuana but eventually they move to San Diego. Fernando attends school and graduates from SDSU and begins his life as a successful reporter. His ability to investigate stories in Tijuana is made easier because of his ties to the street of Tijuana.
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