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What Is Your WHAT Wednesday
Can your past influence your future?

Reflecting on our guest interview with Dave Kehnast, Steve questions the Reinvention Radio Crew on whether or not the past can impact the future. He explains his thoughts on being present versus creating your “pre-sent future”. We can’t do much about the past. We can’t really control the future. Can you create your pre-sent future?

The hardest part is self-awareness. How does your past influence who you are today? You’re the only one who will get in your way.

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Soul-full Sunday
Finding My Wave

Mary may be out though she knows Dave Kehnast is the one to talk to about whether surfers find their peace on the waves before heading into their day in a more balanced way. Steve, Richard, and Wade along with guest Dave Kehnast share their thoughts around the subject. Dave was actually a winter surfer on Lake Michigan for many years before coming to San Diego. He surfs every morning at 7am… it helps to keep his head and heart in check.

Richard is reminded of the Keanu Reeves movie, Point Break, where they talk about surfing being a state of mind… the place where you lose yourself and find yourself.

How can people find their wave in life? Dave says it’s when they discover a stage of flow every day when you don’t think of anything else.

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Book: Flow by Miholy Casikszentmihaly

New Media Minute
Put your trust in the Amazon Door Key?

Steve, Richard, Wade, and guest Dave Kehnast discuss thoughts and ideas around the new Amazon Key program. Angie’s List proved that if you can gain trust and get into the house, you can sell ’em almost anything. Amazon may not have the technology yet fully in place, but they’ve staked their claim on the space. Jeez, what else does Amazon want??

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