01 FAA Creates Drone Regulations
Peggy explains how the FAA has created regulations for drones, saying she leans toward education and outreach instead of legislation, but she also loves and thinks drones are amazing and they can be used in a lot of industries. Peggy says with great technology comes great responsibility.
02 Companies Committing to the Space
Peggy talks about the CW 100, saying the list represents the leading companies in the M2M and IoT (Internet of Things) space. She continues, saying the companies that made it this year are interesting because they have a new commitment to drive the market forward.
03 Strategic Vision for Telematics
Neil Cawse, CEO, Geotab, says some of the strategic vision for the way telematics is going to evolve is coming to bear now, and it is a combination of trends. He says Geotab sees telematics as important to the way business is done.
04 Security in the IoT
Matt Duffy, vice president of marketing, connected products and customers, LogMeIn, explains security is of the utmost importance with anything that has to do with connectivity, but particularly in the IoT. He says when you think about the IoT you are opening yourself up to a lot of security issues if you don’t know what you are doing.