1 Soundoff - No Streetlights + No Sidewalks = Extreme Halloween, Smashing Pumpkins, Has My Pumpkin Been Drinking?, Halloween Pranks
2 What Is Your What Wednesday - Steve Olsher
In this episode, Steve begins a series on the importance of, and how to discover, your WHAT in life. This first discussion centers around the power of "YaNo" -- Steve's term for the YES/NO moments of truth we face every single moment of every single day and the impact these decisions have on the quality of your life. What do you do when faced with a life altering moment ... a fork in the road? How do you know you're making the right decision? Mary relies on her Do, Don't, Delay method of Go With Your Gut when faced with life altering decisions. Richard relies on his own value system.
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Quote: We are all one choice away from massively improving our lives. ~ Steve Olsher
3 Soulful Sunday - Mary Goulet
In this episode, Mary begins a series of discussions of important issues related to deepening our personal relationship with the guiding forces that are present in all of our lives. This first discussion centers around our loyalty to fear and how self-doubt is the genesis of fear. Mary discusses the different types of fear and how to tap into your life's inner GPS to make positive choices. Steve questions where our thoughts emanate from and Rich has his own unique perspective on faith.
4 Move It Forward Monday - Richard Otey
In this episode Richard begins a series of discussions about about how people (especially entrepreneurs) get stuck in life by trying to make everything perfect and how perfectionism is the mask of procrastination.The power of life stems from the degree to which one experiences it's ups, it's downs and the magic of personal evolution. Richard offers that 80% of what needs to be learned about a particular subject can be achieved within 90 days... it's the remaining 20% that separates those who excel from those who simply have skill and it is this 20% that takes a lifetime to learn. Ultimately, attaining skill in our lives leads to conquering our fears and guides us towards what's next.