Our guest, Ms. Cath DeStafano, is the Human Developer at Human Tune-Up Company. Cath and Nina follow a mind map. Starting with an introduction to mindfulness and it’s keys for stress relief. In addition, they look at the levels of stress the VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous ) world creates. It is a problem for all businesses and sectors. In addition, the significant amounts of data and “noise” in our environment also creates stress.

1 Mindfulness, what is it and what are its benefits. There are financial and bottom line impacts that underpin a business case for being mindful. / 2 How difficult is it to employ mindfulness as a personal tool and practice it. / 3 How to begin a practice of mindfulness. How does it help handle stress. / 4 What can HR do to encourage practice of mindfulness and what are some of the business best practices to help eliminate stress in the workplace