Segment 1
Joanna started off the show tell us about how she fell in love with music, by starting off in the choir, and how a school she attended didn't offer a choir, so she didn't sing for 3 years until she got to high school. She then talked about her community work, working with charities like Susan G Komen, and the Military. Joanna told us about things that inspire her, like running a half marathon, and working with others.
Segment 2
We started this segment by listening to a beautiful song that is on her CD, that you can get on all the major sites, or at her website, . We discussed what Joanna did at the NAMM Nashville, and the upcoming 2015 NAMM. Joanna was Nominated for 4 L.A Music Awards, and won the Hot Adult Contemporary Album of the Year Award. We ended this segment by talking with Joanna about her continuous journey. Listen in to hear her answer.
Segment 3
We started this segment asking Joanna about being a Brand Ambassador for the School Of Rock in Temecula, Ca. We learned that this School really offers a safe space for kids to not only learn music, but to be involved in the community, and make friends for life. Joanna explained that the process is very different for playing out live -vs- being in the studio. She talked about her community connections, and having Officials come out to the opening at the School Of Rock, with the Assembly Woman Melissa Melendez, and asked her to smash a guitar! We Discussed with Joanna about her role as a UK Magazine Columnist, and about how she is writing about her own journey in the industry. Her Agent is Cyrene Jagger, you can find her at:
Segment 4
We asked Joanna about who she would want to work with, and Darrel Hall, Aretha Franklin, and Kelly Clarkson were her top 3. Joanna helped start a song writing camp, and they will be bringing it to Temecula Ca, and they hope beyond California. We asked her about doing songs acoustically and she told us about her first Mechanical Licencing came in the mail, to her publishing company. She is looking ahead 3 years, and hopes for a Grammy in the future, in the Best New Artist Category. Listen in to hear her answers to our Quatro Questions...her answers are the fun part! Thank you Joanna Pearl, class act, beautiful person, and musician that is making a difference in others lives.