Many times, insurance coverage (personal insurance and business insurance) are sold to protect people and families or their company, only to find out too late that they are not covered for the loss. How does this happen? What can be done about it before things turn ugly? What should you do when your insurance claim is denied?

Insurance broker and Vice President of Patriot Risk and Insurance Services Larry Sukay, who specializes in commercial insurance, is one of San Diego’s preeminent out-sourced risk managers.  He helps clients lower their insurance premiums and obtain as much insurance coverage as possible. He educates them about risk management strategies and teaches them how to obtain the best possible insurance coverage for the lowest cost.

Co-Founder of Franklin | Soto LLP  and  Attorney Josh Franklin, cyber law expert, insurance coverage and bad faith litigation specialist talks about how and why to define the risks you may face as a business owner. What to do when your insurance claim gets denied – it will. Understanding the adversarial nature of insurance and claims today. What you can do about your insurance coverage may save you tens – thousands – perhaps millions of dollars in claims settlement … and even save the life of your business.

Listen now for insights on risk management strategies, business insurance, personal insurance, bad faith litigation, cyber law and more from experts in the insurance market. Don’t let this incident happen to you.

1 Expect the unexpected - where preparation meets opportunity and why it matters to you
2 Clearly defining the risk should always precede the request for insurance
3 Data breaches – weasel words – “duty to defend” … insurance is all about what is said in the contract
4 The very first thing you should do when your insurance claim is denied