1 Electric Vehicles Alter Grids
Peggy Smedley caps off the month with a look at how new transportation models for electric and autonomous vehicles will give way to new needs within the smart grid. She expects that electric vehicles will establish new global power demands in the coming years and cities must move toward robust and wireless charging infrastructure.
2 Pillars of Smarter Cities
Samir Saini, CIO, City of Atlanta, says using the IoT, big data, and analytics allows cities to forecast what will happen and to take action. He explains that while it is impossible to solve every problem within a city, offering the data to other organizations within communities allows for more improved collaboration and efficiency.
3 Filling the Industrial Gaps
Joseph Biron, CTO of IoT, PTC, details how there is a gap in providing full lifecycle management within the industrial IoT. He talks about how sensors, machine learning, and predictive maintenance have allowed companies to fill in those gaps and maintain better control over their industrial equipment.
4 Connecting the Unconnected
Brett Burger, principal marketing manager, National Instruments, says as companies are able to gather data from a variety of assets, then they can truly unlock the capabilities of IoT ecosystems. He says emerging technologies have allowed utility organizations to manage grid loads for improved optimization.