Part 1: Gabrielino High School Speech and Debate students Starlee Hoc, Brandon Du and Kenny Le. Gabrielino’s acclaimed Speech and Debate team has won 21 straight Southern California Debate League Championships, making the team one of the top Debate teams in the nation. On Election Day 2018, three Gabrielino students share their thoughts on the political process, the importance of voting and what they feel are the most compelling issues facing students today.

Part 2: Baldwin Park Unified School District Director of Student Services William Avila. Baldwin Park Unified takes a proactive stance against bullying, using Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS), socio-emotional learning components and peer role models to establish communication lines that lead to increased student achievement. Avila discusses the commitment of District personnel to combat bullying through outreach and a supportive environment.

1 Gabrielino High School
2 Baldwin Park Unified School District