Oscar Vazquez Mena and Maria Garcia co host this show on the experience to Chicanos have leaving home and attending UCSD. These two guest took different paths to reaching UCSD/ Joshua Castro is a third year college student in Nano Engineering and Miguel Moreno a 2nd year student in Nano Engineering. Joshua is from San Jose and was a terrible student in high school. He say he a really had no reason to think or to want to attend college. Miguel Moreno came from Calexico, had excellent grades but feared that he would not be able to attend college because of the financial burden it would place on his family. Both students speak of how lost they were when they got to UCSD and the adjustments they had to make. They both speak of why they selected to go into NANO engineering and learning to live study and work with so many different cultures.

1 Growing up and finding your way. / 2 Community College to university and Financial aide. The fear of college. / 3 Being exposed to various cultures and your family supporting you. / 4 Finally find you place in college.