The guest for this show is Christian Ramirez a human right activist and director at Alliance San Diego. He was born in Mexico to middle class parents. His family moved to San Diego when Christian was 8 years old and diagnosed with childhood cancer. His parents made the difficult decision to move to San Diego. His father had been an accountant for the Mexican government. When he came to San Diego he found employment as a car washer. Growing up in Nestor an area on the Mexican Border between San Ysidro and Imperial Beach gave him experiences most kids to not have. He attended Southwest High School where a common scene was seeing the Border Patrol chase an undocumented person across the play ground. He was often stopped and asked to show “his papers.” He was fortunate enough to have wonderful mentors and others that helped him along the way. One of his mentors was Robert Martinez, the well know human rights activist. He says one of the first time he was aware of the Hate towards people of color was the Shooting that took place at the McDonald’s in San Ysidro. He became activist when he reached SDSU. As a student he took a role in fighting Prop 187. Christian sees some of the biggest border problems is the traffic jams, border wall an the inhumane treatment of undocumented citizen. Wanting to change and work on the many issues affecting/effecting the SD community he has decided to run for District 8 City Council.

1 Growing up in Mexico and then Nestor / 2 Going to college and discoverig civic action. / 3 Human rights and civil rights. / 4 Running for City Council