After a brief hiatus, Sam and Kevin return to the studio to discuss Google’s infamous August algorithm update. Specifically, how businesses can improve their Expertise, Authoritativeness & Trustworthiness score (or EAT score) to get their content favored on the web- all according to Google’s Search Quality Guidelines.

In the first segment, you can hear Sam & Kevin discuss the details of EAT score and why financial, legal and medical industries were most impacted.

How brands can build Expertise within their content is the topic for segment two. Kevin outlines why having an industry expert content writer is important and how this directly impacts the EAT score. Since people usually trust other people more than they trust brands, Sam explains why having a detailed bio outlining credibility is extremely beneficial.

The third segment describes the idea of building Authority versus expertise within different areas of business content. Sam explains how to create a credible product page and what information is necessary for page optimization. More specifically, how E-A-T score deals with e-commerce pages.

From trust seals to making sure a platform is protected with proper certification to having Google-verified reviews, Sam and Kevin go over how to establish site Trustworthiness in the fourth and final segment of the show.

In conclusion, to fully optimize your website, it is important to have a basic understanding of how search engines determine E-A-T score (even if this means understanding there may is a lot of overlap and gray area!) and to have legitimate, qualified writers contributing content. To learn even more about what E-A-T score is and how to improve it, listen below:



About the Hosts

Sam is on the board of AMA San Diego and is a digital marketing manager. He lives and breathes online business. From being published in several publications, to speaking at digital marketing events, Sam loves a fun opportunity to educate his peers. His current projects include a home loan company called GoodLife and some local auto dealerships, like Audi Las Vegas. When he is not on the web, you can find him in the ocean surfing the evening swell.

Kevin is a Senior Copywriter and Content Strategist at E2M Solutions Inc. He is a contributing author on sites like Right Mix Marketing, Digital Doughnut, and The Blog Herald.  In addition to co-hosting This Week in Marketing, Kevin operates E2M’s in-house podcast: The Marketing Microscope. In his free time, Kevin manages a Travel & Leisure website: Impulsive Wanderlust.