1 A Remote Healthcare Revolution
Peggy Smedley continues the month of remote monitoring with an extensive look at how it is impacting healthcare and ensuring more value to patients and physicians when it comes to regular visits. She says this, along with virtual care, will ease the burden on the healthcare systems, allowing more people to get the help they need.
2 Industrial Realizations of IoT
Vinay Nathan, cofounder & CEO, Altizon Systems, explains how the industrial sector is undergoing a rapid realization of the potential of IoT. He says lowering costs and availability of solutions is enabling manufacturing to understand the foundation of the Internet and undergo profitable digital transformations.
3 Smart Devices Get Cool
Michael Mo, CEO and cofounder, KULR Technology, talks about the use of carbon fiber solutions to eliminate overheating and cooling of mobile devices as well as connected vehicles. He discusses how as smarter devices and batteries continue to become more compact, they need the right energy efficiency in operation and communication.
4 Side Hustle for Innovation
Sean Wise, author, Startup Opportunities: Know When to Quit Your Day Job, breaks down preconceived notions about the difficulty of start-ups and getting ideas out to the masses. He explains how the days of venture capitalists are over, as new platforms allow entrepreneurs to directly relay ideas with customers and receive immediate feedback.