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Altovise Pelzer
She’s had so much to endure yet her smile is a staple for her

Altovise Pelzer shares her story of discovering, in 2009, that her two young daughters had been molested. The girls were 3 and 5 years old, at the time, visiting their father (ex husband) and he walked in on his 13 year old stepson holding one of the girls inappropriately on his lap. Her ex knew and never even told her.

It was later discovered this was not the only time it happened, and it was happening to both girls. Once that was revealed, police were brought in and both girls were taken to the hospital for examination.

In 2015, Altovise found herself homeless with three young kids and at a fork in the road. She had blamed herself for years for what happened to her girls. You see, she had been molested herself when she was seven years old and never told anyone, until this time when she inadvertently revealed it to her girls. For so long she had been using their stories as a crutch to become complacent and didn’t want to get out of her situation.

Fast forward to today, and Altovise is now helping other women get through similar circumstances. And she focuses on teaching young girls about Stranger Danger. Her best advice to those struggling right now… get it out of your head.

Tune in to hear why she did not pursue jail time for the young man who molested her daughters. And, what happened when someone gave her a first class ticket for a flight that changed her world.

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