Welcome back to another episode of This Week in Marketing from AMA San Diego. We have a massive multi-part show today on digital marketing in 2020and we only got through the first few segments. Check out the outline below and listen in!

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Section 1: Domain Authority 2.0

  • What is Domain Authority 2.0?
  • How does it differ from DA 1.0?
  • Experts say E-A-T is now Domain Authority. What does this mean for brands?
    • Becoming an “Expert”
    • Stop hiring cheap freelance writers.
    • Building “Authoritativeness”
    • Links, mentions, etc.
    • Being “Trustworthy”
    • Secure your site, be transparent – have a clear about us page, contact, T&C
      page, etc.
  • How important are reviews today in Domain Authority 2.0?
    • How can you go about boosting reviews?
    • About quality reviews over quantity.

Section 2 – Visual Search

  • What is visual search?
    • Using real-world images like screenshots, online images, photographic for online
    • Google Lens
    • Pinterest
  • What types of things are people looking for with visual search?
    • Shopping results
    • Directions
    • Landmarks
    • Translations
    • Recipes
    • Nutrition information
  • What industries will visual search impact the most?
    • Fashion, home décor, food, etc.
  • How do you optimize for visual search?
    • Image SEO
    • Does image alt text matter much anymore?
    • Google’s machine learning is getting good.
  • What does Google want to see from an image?
    • The webpage it lives on needs good authority
    • The webpage should be updated.
    • The image should be the focal point of the page.

About the awesome hosts of This Week in Marketing:

Kevin Svec – E2m Solutions

Kevin is the Chief Content Strategist at E2M Solutions Inc. When he isn’t writing, editing, or planning out content strategies for clients, he is working on his travel recommendations website, Impulsive Wanderlust. His most recent article focuses on various travel outfits for any location.

Sam Wheeler – AMA San Diego President-Elect

Sam Wheeler is AMA San Diego’s president-elect and often speaks on digital marketing topics. Sam works with Fortune 500 companies as well as smaller DTC businesses to develop their online marketing strategy. Some of Sam’s current projects include Breazy.com and several other industry disrupters.