#DailyDialoguewithDorisRadioShow presents an important show we are calling, “Voter Fraud & The Election Integrity Project California Revisited!” Joining us from the headquarters of the  #ElectionIntegrityProjectCalifornia are returning guests, CEO #MalcolmMcGough and Vice President of the Election Integrity Project California, #RuthWeiss. Malcolm McGough and Ruth Weiss are going to share the latest information on where the great state of California stands on the voter fraud issues…And it is our understanding, it does not look good for the state…
We also are joined by our official show “Spiritual Advisor”, Reverend #LennaCarpentier. Reverend Carpentier is the Head Minister of #TheCookeFamilyMinistry and a wonderful addition to our show roster!!!
This turned out to be a very fast moving and informative show! A show you surely do not want to miss!!!

This show is also sponsored by
#FantasticSams “4”salons in San Diego,California: “Downtown” El Cajon, Santee, Napa St in San Diego and San Carlos.

God bless our President Trump and God bless America!!

1 Host Doris Rivas-Brekke monologue guests Malcolm McGough, Ruth Weiss, Reverend Lenna Carpentier
2 Doris, Malcolm, Ruth and Reverend Lenna
3 Doris, Malcolm, Ruth and Reverend Lenna
4 Doris, Malcolm, Ruth and Reverend Lenna