Linda Caballero Sotelo is the executive director of the New Americans Museum. Linda was born and raised in Tijuana, Mexico and started attending school s in San Diego when in third grade. Her mother and her sister provided the financial support for her to attend Catholic school. She experienced cultural shock not only because of the language difference but because she had never gone to school with Anglo children. She found the school schedule the lunch break and all the daily things American children experience very different and at times difficult. She lived in two worlds the Mexican world when she went home and the American world at school. For high school she attended an all girls Catholic school. Linda tells a very touching story about not being able to afford her senior class ring and resigning herself to that being a fact of life. . When the name of those receiving a class ring was read her name was called. She was very puzzled until she went home . She open the door to he house only to find all the living room furniture gone. Her mother had sold the furniture to pay for ring. She attended college and again faced many hurdles. After receiving her college degree she worked in a variety of jobs including the Hispanic Chamber. She applied to the to the New American Museum because she believed in including all immigrants in the American story and because she new she had something to offer this relatively new museum. Last year the museum faced a hate crime and instead of hiding it Linda and the board members made a decision to use this horrible experience to draw attention to the incident. The New American Museum is serving a unique purpose of recording oral history stories of immigrants that came to America after WWII.. Linda is the first immigrant to serve as the director of a museum.

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