Soundoff 1

Richard leads the Reinvention Radio Crew discussion around the issues of #metoo, Matt Lauer’s recent firing, and why it is we never really discuss what it is we need to do for change. Some claims seem to be working both sides of the game — I did what it took to get or keep the job, but now I’m claiming victim. How do we draw the line?

What Is Your WHAT Wednesday
Have you been living your WHAT for eternity?

Steve and the Reinvention Radio Crew discuss whether or not they know of anybody who has been doing their WHAT — that ONE amazing thing they were born to do — for eternity. People may not be living their WHAT, but they have to fill those positions. Is there room for all these people to go out and sell their courses? The jack of all trades is good, though you have to niche down your marketing.

Reinvention is just life. How did you know to make a move when you did?


Soul-full Sunday
Who and what are the cradle Catholics?

Mary discusses Cradle Catholics with Steve… meaning, those who were born Catholic but stepped away from the religion. She shares stories of teaching others how to pray the rosary and the effect it has on their lives. Steve wonders if his strange ability to have premonitions is really more a premonition or fear?

Soundoff 2

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Dow Jones

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2 What Is Your WHAT Wednesday
3 Soul-full Sunday
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