Soundoff 1

Steve is pushing 50
Mary’s #metoo on Wall Street
What would you have done for $10 million?
Angelina Jolie now speaking up

Marie White
Her toddler was abducted 3 years ago
There’s only time for action
Child was at home; not anyone they knew
You find out how broken the system is

What she did in the wake of the abduction
How could you be doing videos when your child was missing?
Finding strength from your interior
How did God allow this to happen?

Were you ever a suspect?
How do you let your other kids out of your site?
Son, I would rather you be embarrassed than abducted.
What she would say to the abductor right now.

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Books: Changing Your Life In Just Ten Days and Strength for Parents of Missing Children: Surviving Divorce, Abduction, Runaways & Foster Care

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