Soundoff 2

The Astros win the World Series
San Diego needs a shake up
Quoting yourself on your own fake news
Las Vegas Massacre class action suit

What Is Your WHAT Wednesday
Finding Our Purpose In The Pain

Steve reflects on the recent interview with Marie White and the story of her abducted child. He ponders the impact of what she’s doing now since the child was abducted 3 years ago. Richard sums it up in one word… HOPE. Quoting Marie White, “Sometimes we find our purpose in our pain.” Steve asks the RR Crew for an example of someone who has found their passion in their pain and what they think of this idea.

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Soul-full Sunday
I’ve got to find my wave

Mary discusses last week’s episode as it pertains to the need to find her wave. She declares she’s ready to get rid of her BS and how recording her Saints book was causing more pain by not recording it.

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New Media Minute

Special guest Megan Fenyoe joins the Reinvention Radio Crew in studio. Megan was fired just four days before attending New Media Summit in September. Her reason for being fired was using new media in the workplace the wrong way.

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2 What Is Your WHAT Wednesday
3 Soul-full Sunday
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