1 “Men and Leadership: The Second Half” is the name of a new and powerful radio show hosted by my guest, Mike Shereck, on The Coaching Show Network. Find out what men in middle age have to provide, teach and create.
2 “Out Proud Radio” connects communities through conversation, on The Coaching Show Network. Find out about the LGBT coaching community and how these deeply personal stories bridge the gap to every community, with host Halli MacNab.
3 “Legacy Talk” where leaders share their journey to Legacy, and which supports you to create your legacy, is a vital and interesting source of information on The Coaching Show Network. Host Gideon Culman joins us today to speak about everything from Haitian deforestation to robotic entrepreneurs bringing drones to agriculture. Today on The Coaching Show!www.LegacyTalkRadio.com
4 “The PLAYroom with Coach Casey” brings you exciting topics on Love and Relationships and everything in between, on The Coaching Show Network. Host Sophia J. Casey, AKA “Coach Casey” joins us to talk about the wilds of love and relationship in today’s world.