Agriculture uses remote monitoring. A common operating system for the IoT. Sensors for infrastructure. On-going coaching vs annual reviews.

1 Digging Deep for Remote Monitoring
Peggy Smedley starts a new month focusing on remote monitoring and explains how it offers ways of tackling age-old challenges based on realtime information. She singles out agriculture as an industry that is leveraging remote monitoring to address plant health and the crop’s exposure to chemicals and pesticides.
2 Catching Up with Security
Louis Parks, president and CEO, SecureRF, explains how the lack of a common operating system and a controlled environment is presenting challenges when connecting devices to the IoT. He says progress must be made to improve security,as new industries and consumers are connecting thousands of devices and unleashing data every day.
3 Engineering New Sensor Use
Andrew Smyth, professor of civil engineering and engineering mechanics, Columbia Engineering, details how sensors can detect changes or anomalies to critical infrastructure over time. He addresses how the declining quality of current infrastructure can be attributed to ongoing financial and political disagreements, which can lead to failing projects.
4 A Tribe of Feedback
Piyush Patel, author, "Lead Your Tribe, Love Your Work: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Creating a Culture That Matters", explains how constant coaching and constant feedback is proving to be more effective than annual reviews. He introduces the G.R.O.W. model that employers can leverage when it comes to having difficult discussions with workers to keep organizations running smoothly.