Can you imagine a life without disease?


Can you imagine your life without disease?  What will it even look like?  Without disease, how long will you live and will your money run out before you do?  How will you live?  How should you invest today?  How much will you need to have in your retirement accounts if we are routinely living to age 120 – or older?  What percentage of your income are you saving now, and how much more do you need to save?  We will hear from two pre-eminent healthcare professionals on the front lines of radically extended longevity.


With all the advancements in medical science there have only been 16 vaccines created thus far (including the polio vaccine).  Today we stand on the brink of breakthroughs in the healthcare arena that will not only turn BACK the aging process, but also eliminate such diseases as cancer, the Zika and Ebola viruses, and various heart related issues leading to premature death.


Dr. Bill Andrews is the Founder and CEO of Sierra Sciences in Reno, NV. Sierra Sciences’ mission is to develop a drug that will lengthen human’s telomeres, and therefore, reverse our aging process, as well as cure diseases linked to aging.  Aging isn’t an accident.  We age because our telomeres get shorter and our cells age.  Every time our cells divide, our telomeres get shorter.  Aging is also the cause of various diseases.  Research suggests that control of the telomere length has the potential to treat many diseases linked to aging.  This is what Sierra Sciences has been working on for the last two decades, and is close to finding cures that will change the way we live forever.


Dr. Stephen Wilson is the Executive Vice-President, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Technology Officer of La Jolla Institute of Health and an immunologist.  The 350+ members of LJI are on the doorstep of creating a vaccine to treat not only the Zika and Ebola viruses, but also dengue fever, as well as various cancers and related heart disease.  For many, their immune system is either too low, or too high … that is, various auto-immune diseases are the result of the body’s immune system attacking itself.  Over 23 million Americans suffer from an auto-immune disease such as Type 1 diabetes, arthritis, or MS as well as heart disease and Alzheimer’s which have an inflammatory component.

1 What is meant by life without disease, and is that even realistic?
2 What are “telomeres” and how can we turn back the aging clock on our body’s cells?
3 Why study the immune system and not individual diseases themselves?
4 Why individual giving is as important or more so than receiving grants for longevity research?