Show Notes
Molly and Mike talking about stuff 11/9/ year 1AD (After Donald)

A great show and thanks to our guy Wade for his unending support….

1 A lot has happened the Cubs won the world series, I got a book deal, and Donald Trump is the new president elect of the USA, who’d a thunk it
2 Our Guest Paula Schrad a mental health counselor from AFC Counselors of Naperville talks about shame and guilt and kids growing up, and who to deal with it, stating the antidote for shame is empathy and speaking about authentic empathy and the impact of authenticity
3 Paula introduces the idea of the impact of the election and how people are responding. She speaks of how the space created by Hillary and pants suit nation, woman told stories they never shared. Conversely we spoke of the fear and shame of people declaring they were for Trump and the impact of the tyranny of Political Correctness. Paula was an awesome guest and it was our pleasure to have her….
4 We discuss shame and how men and woman handle it differently and how men operate more separate and alone, and woman tend to operate in a more communal fashion. Is it nature or nurture, or is it roll assignment….we don’t know….