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Quote: “There’s a lot of assholes out there. Being the nice guy can help you can stand out.” – Nathan Chan
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1 Soundoff #1 - Mary, the Rosary, and a predicted win for Trump, Our thoughts on the election results, Buy the Snuggie instead of the Slanket, What exactly are they protesting?, Urban/Rural divide is alive and real
2 Guest: Nathan Chan - 1. What Australians Think Of The Trump Win, Nathan's Journey To Foundr Magazine, He Saw An Opportunity And A Need, Don't Take No For An Answer
2. What Was The Ask For The Interview?, Having Something Without Anything, It's More Than A Magazine Now, Monetizing The Digital Magazine
3. Additional Revenue Generators, How He Grew The Reader Base, Asking To Find Out What They Want, Big Takeaways From The Interviews