Barbara Zaragoza grew up in San Francisco Bay area. She married a military man that that resulted in them being stationed in two locations that changed her life. The first location was San Ysidro Calif. the second one being Napoli, Italy. While in Napoli she started a blog telling other military families about what they could do while living there. She wrote and blogged about Napoli and received a lot of positive feed back on how they benefited from reading her work.

A few years ago she wrote a book about the San Ysidro Community. The book did not include the Latino population not because she purposely excluded them but because she found so little information about that population. In a review about the book a reader asked what about the Mexican population. This question led to a series of interviews, and research about the role Mexican and Mexican Americans played in the development of San Ysidro and the rest of the South Bay. The term “Untold story” is often used to describe a book or article but this is the untold story about the people and their contribution to this community.

Barbara talks about the land grants, the Portola expedition and some of the stereotypes and pre-conceived ideas about the border community. She also talks the migration of to this community and how Mexicans were purposely left out of history books. In the Spring , Barbara will be part of a history exhibit to be held at the Chula Vista Library.

1 Barbara journey to becoming a writer. / 2 San Ysidro then and now / 3 Portola expedition, the shacks on the river and combating stereotypes. / 4 Chula Vista Library exhibit and her new book.