1 Awareness for the Greater Good
Peggy Smedley discusses recent mass shootings and other tragedies from the angle of IoT (Internet of Things). She explains how tech companies and first responders are teaming up on new training and exercises across various public locations to leverage IoT for improved situational awareness.
2 Habits in Healthcare
Samir Chatterjee, Fletcher Jones Chair of Technology Design & Management, Clairemont Graduate University, explains that human nature to cut corners has enabled people to become more dependent on medical solutions to cure them. He offers insights into how chronic diseases are affected by the habits of the patients, and discusses how remote monitoring and data can prompt new changes in mindset for patients.
3 Data Pushed to the Edge
Tom Bradicich, VP and GM of servers, converged edge, & IoT systems, Hewlett Packard Enterprises, breaks down the various reasons why data is being pushed to the edge. He further explains how devices and machines are a convergence of multiple systems and functions that used to be separate.
4 IoT at Sea
Peggy Smedley takes another look at remote monitoring, this time from offshore vessels. She highlights new trials and applications of IoT (Internet of Things) in vessels and explains how autonomous technology can be applied to remote solutions used to manage fleets at sea.