#DailyDialoguewithDorisRadioShow presented their 1st holiday show of the season, our 2017 Thanksgiving Show. And we at “#DailyDialoguewithDoris” have many things to be thankful for this year! Our latest blessing is one we have been praying for since the show began in 2014, landing a “Spiritual Advisor” for the show and we finally have been blessed with one…Our new show sponsor is the
#CookeCarpentierFamilyMinistry“, who is headed by the Reverend #LennaCarpentier. Reverend Lenna Carpentier also serves on the board at the Well Church of Santee, California.
The good reverend went to bible college at the Trumpets of Silver Bible College and was ordained in 2013 as a non-denominational minister. Reverend Lenna also has a heritage that is most fitting for the Thanksgiving holiday. Her heritage includes some of the first ministers in America from England who helped establish many of the first churches in New England; working with the great evangelists John L.Moody and John Wesley. So on this show we will welcome our new spiritual advisor and hear some of her thoughts on why Thanksgiving Day is so special!!! We hope you will listen to this very blessed show!!! 

God bless our #PresidentTrump and God bless America!!

1 Host Doris Rivas-Brekke introduces new show sponsor Reverend Lenna Carpentier
2 Doris and Reverend Lenna
3 Doris and Reverend Lenna
4 Doris and Reverend Lenna