Guest: Jeromie Jackson, Director of Security and Analytics for Nth Generation

Jeromie Jackson is a friend and previous business associate of Matt Harrigan.
Matt Harrigan, made some ill advised comments on social media, threating President Elect Trump with assassination. Jeromie provides insights to the personality and the person of Matt Harrigan.
A good person can be brought down by bad words.

Jeromie also shares about:
Limited privacy of social media.
Ripple effects of social media postings.
Understanding expectations of privacy on various social media platforms.
Dangers in posting pictures and content that parents need to know.
How companies can be impacted by employee social media postings.
How companies can monitor and manage employee on-line activity.
Background checks and social media.
How Black Hat Hackers can disrupt a company.
It is now not just avoiding mistakes, malicious people are proactively attacking your business.
How malicious people are leveraging social media to attack corporations.
How bad actors are weaponizing on-line activity.

1 Cyber CEO makes intemperate comments, threating Donald Trump's life
2 Is there any expectation of personal privacy on-line and in social media
3 How business has to act and react in the on-line world and employees' use of the internet and social media
4 How Nth Generation protects businesses from weaponized social media and internet activity