1 Smarter Cities in 2017
Peggy begins the show by taking a look at how predictions made about the connected wearable market hold up nearly half a decade later. She discusses how enterprises like manufacturing, retail, and healthcare may be adopting more diverse wearable options such as smart cameras and glasses that will transform the way we think about work.
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2 V2V Leads to Driver Safety
Peggy dives into trends gaining traction within the IoT, such as LTE (long-term evolution) and chips—all which is helping enterprises gain access to better connectivity. She further highlights the use of radar in driver-assistance systems for connected cars, as well as big news for satellites and healthcare application ecosystems.
3 Distracted Driving on the Brain
Mobeen Khan, assistant vice president for IoT solutions, AT&T, explains how emerging LTE M and low-power solutions are leading to more use cases with longer life for things like elevators, vending machines, water meters, and more. He also addresses the decline in device costs and how analytics is ensuring data in the cloud is delivered without interruption.
4 AI Takes the Wheel
Peggy ends the show with an examination of artificial-intelligence solutions set to become a one-stop-shop for city services. She also discusses the developing relationship with AI, and says we must be careful of how much control we hand over.