Segment 1: Alex Kip
“Live a Purposeful Life”, “Interrupt Your Clients’ Patterns” and other lessons from Cancer Survivor, Author, Podcast Host and Playwright Alex Kip, today on The Coaching Show!
Segment 2: Alex Kip
Learnings from the Soul Feed Podcast, including the use and value of the Ego, and a powerful question for you and your clients, with Alex Kip today on The Coaching Show!
Segment 3: Maud Schlich
Coaching in High Quality Environments in Europe – How to bring Quality Metrics to your Coaching and more with Maud Schlich of “The Qualiteers” Live from Germany!
Segment 4: Maud Schlich
Amazing Giveaways for you! Also, how to work with Perfectionists, and Improve your Systems and Team Performance – with Maud Schlich, today on The Coaching Show!