Segment 1
We talked to Lizzie Shipton, Lexi Pulido, and Kelly Khun. We found out that the reason for learning how the gurlz started in their musical career was in one case, a serious illness, and in the other case, Lizzie wanted to make sure she was a better musician then her brother. We discovered that the Village Squares are a blend of Jazz, Prog. Rock, and more modern music like Fiona Apple, and Alternate bands. The high energy of their show is the main thing everyone will notice when they go to a live show.
Segment 2
In this segment, we started by talking about their current project The Village Squares. They said that 11 current members are all doing this project just for the love of the music. They talked about tours, and why the band is special and that they all bring something very cool and amazing to this current band. We found out that a few members were found on Craig's List and the Pep Band at UCSD. The Village Squares is a blend of covers and original music, which helps them get gigs, and they consider the band an original band, that does covers. We learned that the gurlz were specifically looking for original bands when they wanted to join a project, because they want that creative edge.
Segment 3
We came into this segment listening to an original song, and asking them about how they feel about being women in a supposedly mans world, and you can tune in to hear their responses. We learned that Kelly is a lighting engineer, sound engineer, and how she is affected by working in this industry with men. We learned that the current CD that was recorded at the Big Fish Studios is being finished up and it will be Released on Feb 20th at the Loft on the campus of UCSD.
Segment 4
We came into this segment with the gurlz performing a live version of an Andrews Sisters song, "Rum & Coca Cola" and you will have to listen in because it was amazing, they are truly special individual performers but when you bring them together, it is Magic. The band would like to tour, and take the band as far as they can go with The Village Squares. Sharon Jones, and Erika Badu would be 2 acts that they would love to open for or tour with. We ended the show with the Quatro Questions, and you will have to listen if you want to hear what animal they said they are, because you will laugh at Lizzie's answer! You can find them at, and on facebook, Thank you all, Lizzi, Lexi, and Kelly, the Gurlz from the Village Squares.