Guest Identified:
Stephen Mansfield is a New York Times bestselling author and a popular speaker who coaches leaders worldwide. Mansfield’s biographies on Bush, Obama, Book T. Washington, Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, among others have been international bestsellers and revealed Mansfield as a trusted voice on issues concerning leadership and men’s development. One of his recent books, Mansfield’s Book Of Manly Men, is inspiring men’s events around the world.
Mansfield speaks widely about men, leadership, faith, the power of heritage, and the skills required to shape modern culture. He is also an in-demand leadership coach whose firm, The Mansfield Group, is based in Washington D.C.

Order Stephen’s books, listen to his podcast, and learn more about him and his work at http://StephenMansfield.TV/

Overview of episode

“There is too much talk about ‘being a man,'” says Stephen Mansfield on this episode of Braveheart Radio. According to Mansfield, this fixation on what it means to ‘be a man’ overshadows the things that manly men do. His book, Mansfield’s Book of Manly Men, was written to address this problem. He wrote the book to identify what a genuine man does – the virtues, habits, disciplines, duties, the actions of true manhood – and then call men to do it. Mansfield talk about four maxims that identify manly men: (1) Manly Men do Manly Things; (2) Manly Men Tend Their Fields; (3) Manly Men Build Manly Men; and (4) Manly Men Live to the Glory of God. After listening to this episode, you will understand how to live and support other men with living these four principles. You will also hear about the dangers of isolation for men, and the importance of community and male friendships.


Segment 1: Enough Talk About "Being a man"
Segment 2: Men, Do These Things
Segment 3: Isolation Kills Men
Segment 4: Man and His God