Cheryl Bassitt, Author, Speaker and Creator of Kitchen Table Conversations
Inspired by her own family’s journey, Cheryl created a movement to Bring Families together. This initiative was recently recognized as one of the Top 5 next Best Brilliant Ideas for Humanity.

Often referred to as the “Common Sense Coach” she takes a practical approach to life, family values and healthy habits. As past Executive Director for a major health care association, she has worked with individuals, organizations and families in the areas of personal responsibility, effective communication, goal setting and healthy lifestyle habits.

While her passion to connect may have started with her own family around our own kitchen table, the message is undeniable. Without question, the importance of communication is universal and benefits employees, groups and anyone who recognizes that we need to take responsibility, live above the mark and have a conversation. Kitchen Table Conversations is a breath of humanity in a world overwhelmed with technology, Kitchen Table Conversations is about reconnecting and strengthening.

Her own son’s testimonial: One of the things I am most proud of in my life is my relationship with my family and friends. I can, with 100% certainty, credit that to my mom’s heartbeat for real communication. Growing up and all through high school we held weekly family meetings. I thought everyone had the same relationship with their parents that I had with mine. After leaving for college, I quickly figured out this was not the case. A lot of students came from broken homes and had little to no relationship with their parents. Even students who didn’t come from a “broken home” still seemed to have a broken relationship with their parents.

My mother’s initiative goes way beyond just reconnecting families. The principles she shares are key to building any healthy relationship. Her vision also goes way beyond helping families reconnect, but helping to build a better America. Building a stronger America starts at home. She always talks about how ripples flow out, not in. I believe this is the positive “ripple” our country needs right now.

Cheryl is also the author of several interactive workbooks that teach individuals and their families the core values needed to live a healthier life. Her most recent work includes the 101 Creative Ways to Save Money Workbook, and How to Hold a Family Meeting for Real, accompanied by an interactive Family Meeting Placemat that gives a simple, yet powerful tool to assist families in holding a meaningful family meeting through positive, fun and inspiring communication.

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