Host, Nina Woodard, Immediate Past President, San Diego Society for Human Resource Management
Guest, Michael Pondrom, Employee Benefits Consultant and Area Vice President, Arthur J. Gallagher Company

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1 Pros and Cons, Pay or Play
Host, Nina Woodard and guest, Michael Pondrom discuss preparing for 2015 and the Affordable Care Act. Pondrom, Area Vice President with the Arthur J. Gallagher Company explains how the ACA has affected businesses and HR Departments across California and the rest of the country. He discusses the penalty for not covering employees and stresses the importance of having a good brokerage or consultant who can provide advice regarding products in that field.
2 Communication Requirements and Other Liabilities
Michael discusses the requirement that employers communicate to their employees in a prescribed format and the substantial liability of not providing this in a timely manner. Michael suggests that organizations like the Department of Labor can provide HR departments and HR consultants with checklists to make sure that they are providing everything that is necessary. Michael also discusses employer reporting requirements to the IRS, specifically for self-funded organizations.
3 Fully insured versus Self Funded, Medicare, and Wellness Programs
Michael continues the discussion by highlighting the number of employees for which an employer must offer a plan. He further discusses the tax deduction and the range of plans available to employees as well as the ability to pay with pre-tax dollars. The pair also discuss Wellness Programs and the reasons employers should or should not offer them and potential ROI.
4 Preparing Small and Large Business Leaders for the ACA in 2015
Nina and Michael continue their discussion of the ACA including his three most critical recommendations. Michael also gives a bit of background on the brokerage firm that he works for and the services that it and other firms provide for employers related to the ACA.