My guests on “THE ENRICHMENT HOUR” for Tuesday, October 31st are STEVE FARRELL and BARBARA MARX HUBBARD. Steve, who makes his third guest appearance on TEH, is the President and Worldwide Executive Director for Humanity’s Team, a global grassroots spiritual movement focused on awakening and embodying Oneness so humanity can enjoy a sustainable world of peace, harmony and happiness. Humanity’s Team presently has over 580,000 friends in over 150 countries. Its website is: http:/

Renowned Futurist and Visionary Barbara Marx Hubbard, author of “Conscious Evolution,” will join Steve in discussing the idea of Homo Universalis (The Universal Human), a phrase coined by her; and a new year-long course about to commence called “AWAKEN The New Species in You.”

Humanity’s Team projects include: Global Oneness Day, a day just celebrated via the Internet and social media. Steve has led two high tech growth technology companies based in Silicon Valley in the ’90’s, both featured in the INC 500. He was also an officer in the Young Entrepreneur’s Organization and the Young President’s Organization – but he walked away because he felt a calling to help create a new dream based on the Divine in life that humanity can manifest together.

Steve, Barbara and I will discuss the annual Global Oneness Day just held; the idea of Homo Universalis (The Universal Human), most notably named and presented by Barbara Marx Hubbard, and the course AWAKEN The New Species In You. This course, presented by Humanity’s Team, will feature Barbara Marx Hubbard and Steve Farrell, and will be joined by such noted thinkers as Bruce H.Lipton, PhD, stem cell biologist; Nassim Haramein, groundbreaking theorist and inventor in unified physics; Filmmaker Barnet Bain; Annette Kaiser, spiritual teacher and visionary of a Universal Spirituality; Rinaldo S. Brutoco, entrepreneur and futurist and founding president of the World Business Academy; Marian Head, creator of a multi-millon dollar global business and founder of Agreements Institute, which helps visionary/transformational leaders fulfill their unique contributions to humanity; Jeanne Whit Eagle, author, visionary,e ducator and futurist with a background in Cultural Conflict Resolution; Dr. Ervin Laszlo, whose work in recent years has centered on the formulation and development of the “Akasha Paradigm,” the new conception of the cosmos, life and consciousness emerging at the forefront of the contemporary sciences; Neale Donald Walsch, author and modern-day spiritual messenger; Thomas Hubl, modern mystic and spiritual teacher whose work integrates the essence of the great wisdom traditions with scientific knowledge and his own personal experience; and Sage Levine, author and CEO of Women Rocking Business, reaching over 100,000 conscious women entrepreneurs around the globe.
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1 Report on Global Oneness Day 2017 / 2 The Universal Man (Homo Universalis) with Barbara Marx Hubbard and Steve Farrell / 3 "AWAKEN The New Species in You" with Barbara Marx Hubbard / 4 Where Are We Going?