1 Peggy Smedley take a look at the trends related to equipment on infrastructure projects. She talks about how earthmoving equipment is changing with the help of technology and looks at some reports that identify forecasts for the future.
2 Mike Vorster, president, C.E.M.P. Central, discusses how equipment is changing, and what the construction industry should keep in mind during these changes. He addresses the ways to get the most out of your construction equipment investment.
3 Brad Hardin, CTO, Black & Veatch, talks about smart infrastructure. He looks at the outlook such as the impact of robotics, embeddable sensors, laser scanners on the jobsite, and other new “smart” features that are transforming infrastructure and the construction industry.
4 Peggy Smedley talks about a new report that focuses on the future of structural health monitoring, and identifies reasons the market is on the rise. She points to an example of how technology and data is providing value on bridge projects.