Happy Thanksgiving and you are a loser!

We celebrate thanksgiving this day and we discuss football. Both Molly and Mike reflect back
on the many things they have to be thankful for. It has been a great year and it was not lost on
our two hero’s.

There was also time spent reflecting on the aftermath of the election, and what will come of it.
Mike is, as always very hopeful that Mr. Trump will operate in a way that is not influenced by
what some feel is racism, misogyny, and xenophobia. Molly provides also a hopeful perspective
and is somewhat more skeptical.

The show gets highjacked a bit (like goes off the rails) When Molly actually brings up the subject
of football. Specifically the Fenwick Friars. The Friars had an opportunity to go to the State
Finals for the first time in the 87 year school history. The lost unfortunately, in part because
what everyone has agreed was a “bad call” by the referee. Did Fenwick us this unfortunate
incident to be used as a learning moment for their school, and their team. Not so much. The
leaders, educators, parents, and board members thought the best course of action to settle a
high school football game dispute was to do the American thing, file a law suit. At the time of
the show, the judge, displaying solid judgement, ruled against the whiny losers of Fenwick.
Happy Thanks Giving