The guest for this show is Gus Chavez former director of EOP at SDSU. Gus has done intensive work with the Latino/a WWII oral history project. As we celebrated Veterans day three was/ not much information about the contributions Latino/a made not only in WWII but WWI, Korean, Vietnam and every war since then.

1 Growing up in Texas. What was that like? How did he start to get involed as a high school student.
2 What is the WWII oral history project? How were they men/women different when they returned to this country from the battle fields.
3 San Diego war heroes. 500,000 Latinos served in WWII. Meeting with Ken Burns.
4 Discrimination even in death. Preserving family history for future generations. Gus and Enriqueta's working together to help students.WWI, Korean, Vietnam and every war since then.