Soundoff #1
It’s busy season in the funeral industry

What Is Your WHAT? Wednesday
Entering The Vortex
Today, we ponder the question of how do your life-altering moments shape you into the person you are today. In Steve’s book, What Is Your WHAT? Discover The One Amazing Thing You Were Born To Do, he introduces us to The Vortex of Vulnerability and the Vortex of Invincibility. These two powerful exercises can open your eyes to how to live powerfully today, regardless of past triumphs and challenges.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, he poses the question of what moments in your life are you most grateful for that have helped shape you into the person you are today?

Mary reveals a heart-wrenching, moving story about the devastating financial impact of her divorce and her three year financial struggle. Through prayer and a great deal of determination, she was able to turn the financial corner. The entire experience changed her on a core level giving her a much greater appreciation for something as simple as buying a gallon of milk.

Richard looks back on his initial days of coming into the WSRadio Studio when he was repositioning himself as a live streaming expert. His decision to live stream Reinvention Radio led to his becoming a permanent, integral part of the show.

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Soul-full Sunday
Gratitude is the word of the day
Mary believes that finding time to acknowledge what you’re grateful for and recognize these gifts is extremely important. She recalls Oprah saying, “Make your gratitude list everyday.”

Steve sparks conversation around how he is challenged with an inability to stop and celebrate and with being his own worst critic. While Mary practices stating a problem once and then only talks about finding a solution instead of dwelling on the negative.

Richard, on the other end of the spectrum, gets lost in the celebration. And now, his daughter brings a much greater awareness to his day. He goes so far as to say he can make diet food look really, really fun after a childhood of eating ketchup and onion sandwiches.

Steve sees the darkness. Mary sees the fear. Richard sees them both.

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Move It Forward Monday
Gratitude lives in a place of awe
Richard addresses the issue of Thanksgiving being a time of gratitude, and it can also mean a lot of tense situations for some. Tension among families with differences can cause many to completely fly off the handle. Richard poses the questions, “How do you pull it back and regain control in those moments?”

Mary tells herself to back off, be quiet, and ask a question to diffuse the situation. “What do you think your jerkiness stems from?”

Steve says he is more of an escalator than a diffuser. Though, as he gets older he recognizes more easily that a situation is un-winable , the switch goes on and he realizes it’s a losing battle to continue.

Richard can be more of an instigator until he recognizes that the person with whom he is in conversation, needs more understanding than provoking.

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