01 What’s Next for Manufacturing?
Peggy says manufacturing is in a transitory state and no matter what you call it, the IoT (Internet of Things) will help you get to the next level and make money. She invites her listeners to join the Peggy Smedley Institute on April 4 in San Francisco.
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2 02 Tech and Transit
Darren Dickson, president, Genfare, says commuters have to have options when it comes to payment and transit services, and that’s where Genfare comes in. He explains the company specializes in the fare collection part of the ecosystem, but it is still a big part of connecting citizens and the smart city.
3 03 Dallas Hackathon
Dennis Bonilla, executive dean, University of Phoenix College of Information Systems & Technology, explains the idea behind the smart-city hackathon in Dallas was to have companies and government officials come together to help communities solve issues using big data. He explains for the next events, he would like to give the teams more time to create solutions and see them play out.
4 04 Critical IoT Topics
Peggy asks, “Do you really know the IoT?” She urges listeners to attend the Peggy Smedley Institute on April 4 in San Francisco for a day of information sharing, education, and networking on critical IoT topics. She says the handpicked thought leaders who are speaking will help you better understand how to deploy IoT and take your company to the next level.